Rear-end gears

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    I have a 78 k20 chevy and it has 4.10 rear end in it along with a 400/th400, np203 conversion to part time, but anyway, my truck has the ol original size tires 16.5 x 9.5 on it, orig, it came with mudders, and my spare is the orig. with the truck. (dad was orig owner) so i have pleanty of photos and all of the orig paperwork for it, but anyway where I was going before i got into my novel is that when i ran 32&quot; tires on it i lost fuel economy somethin fierce, dropped from 12mpg to around 8 mpg, so going back to the orig size may be all you need to do to regain some of that lost fuel economy<p>by the way<br>140,000 orig miles on the sm block 400<br>no rebuilds, orig plug wires, still gets 12 mpg! when someone knows what to feed the rust monster let me know!<p>-abe<br>

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