rear rotary tillers.

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by lawn king, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. DeLoreanDMC81

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    Anybody ever use an Agric or a WAC tiller? I hear those are both real good brands. So when everyone uses there tillers do you guys just go right to work with it? Or do you use something like a chisel plow to break the ground first, and then start tilling?

  2. All-Pro LawnCare

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    Disc than till. I will take you forever to till first.
  3. DeLoreanDMC81

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    I always thought that you should use a chisel plow first on what you are going to till just to break up the ground and then use the tiller. We have a gentleman that wants an acre and a half tilled and what do you guys think would be a good way to estimate it. By the hour, by the acre or just give him a price of what I think it might cost to do it? If you do charge by the hour or the acre how much should you charge for your services? We are using a Ford 4600SU, 55 hp tractor, with a 72 inch tiller. Also what would be a good show up fee?

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    Headed out to start on a job very simular. I'm planning on plowing first. (moldboard plow, not chisel.) Then till. (2 acres) that's about 1 hour plowing, then 1-1/2 hours tilling (per pass) Plan on 2 trips over with the tiller for good finish. $100 haul charge, + 1 hour @ $75, 3 hr @ $60. $355 Probably worth more, but a good quick job.

    I live in a fairly rural area. Work of this nature still "sells" cheap.
  5. DeLoreanDMC81

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    Don't worry your not alone on not charging a bunch. My dad and I just settled on charging $75 for a show up fee and $60 an hour for the tilling part. So it really shouldn't take us long to get it finished. Plus we probably could have gotten more for it, since this guy lives in one of those high cost areas with a big house and neighbors every 5 feet away. We just want to keep our pricing in line and not go overboard. Unless I'm wrong at pricing it that way, what do you guys think?



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