Reasons to give customer in support of weekly cutting?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by fiveoboy01, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. fiveoboy01

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    I had a customer who wanted me to cut their lawn bi-weekly. I told them that if they wanted that, the price for a cut/trim for this particular lot would go from 35.00 per cut to 50.00 per cut, citing wear on equipment.

    I haven't gotten a call back, and don't expect to. But this potential customer was a bit farther away than I'd like, so it won't bother me.

    But, I know there are other reasons why it's better to cut more often(less of the grass blade removed) than less often(cutting half the grass length or more off).

    How do you guys go about explaining to a customer why a weekly(or even more often in events of rain) cut is what you do rather than bi-weekly?
  2. firefightergw

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    I always tell them that any weeds will grow faster than the grass. If they want me to come every two weeks, that will give the weeds a chance to grow enough to drop seeds. Once that happens, the seeds will germinate and they will have more weeds. The best thing they can do for their lawn is to have it mowed weekly. It is better for the health of the grass and also helps in the control of weeds.

    On the price end: I would be suspicious if I were your customer and you were jumping from $35 to $50 citing wear and tear on equipment. With the drought going on, a lot of lawns could be mowed every two weeks without a lot of difference in growth. $15 more sounds a little steep. Sounds like your original price should have been in the neighborhood of $40 to $45 and then going up to $50 would seem more credible. Good luck.
  3. fiveoboy01

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    I agree with you, and to be honest I tripped over myself not being able to give a "better" reason. Though a small part of it may have been my lack of enthusiasm over this account due to the location, and the potential for a PITA customer(my agreements say weekly, they asked for bi-weekly - red flag there, potential penny pincher).
  4. firefightergw

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    Don't beat yourself up though. We've all done it, myself included. We all live and learn. Good luck to you.
  5. out4now

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    The best reason, you're doing this to support yourself and you won't do it bi-weekly. Wave bye bye to the PITA as they grumble lol.

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    Well you see Mr. Tightwad, I only provide proper, professional service. I manicure lawns that people are proud of. I do not wack hay. My reputation is based on me doing what is best for the lawn, and I am proud of that. Because of that I can only work on properties where the owner is as proud of the property as I am of my work. Do you see yourself as one of my customers. Well do ya punk??:)

    Think this might work??
  7. Keytee04

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    First explain that you should never cut off more than a third of the grass, so if the grass is six inches high, it's still going to be 4 inches high when you're done. The weeds are going to grow like crazy and do they expect it to be bagged so it doesn't look like a hayfield. If you are required to bag a large yard, an extra $15 isn't bad. Also, your name is on the side of the truck and when the neighbors see your clients grass getting higher with no cut, are they going to think that you're not dependable rather than the fact that your client only wants it mowed every two weeks??
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    I love it, I am in Southern California and I wish every homeowner could read this.
  9. BlueGreen

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    I love it I am in Southern California, and I wish I could give a copy to every homeowner.
  10. Runner

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    Very simply, that's not the type of work or service we provide. It gets too long, takes longer to cut it, needs to be double cut to look right, otherwise, it doesn't look good...I'm unhappy, the customer is unhappy, no one is happy, and it just doesn't work out. Don't call on a gourmet restaurant for a chili dog and greasy fry.

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