Reasons Why Not to use work tunes.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gatewayuser, Dec 30, 2006.


    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i have never listened to music while working. i need to hear the engine and listen for rocks or anything else .
  2. bigjeeping

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    I absolutely HATE seeing a worker stop trimming in the middle of a lawn, pull out his ipod, and start going through songs..... ARRRRRRRRRR :dizzy: :realmad:
  3. RedMax Man

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    I did the same thing. Used worktunes 2 years ago then didn't use them this year and i think it really helped. I found i was retuning to find a station every second pass on the mower so everything was taking way to long. My buddy sometimes has this little mp3 thing but if it gets out of hand because he always needs to change something then i will ask him to lay it off. So far haven't had any problems really, just notice him adjusting it sometimes when he has it with him. The red AOSafety professional ear protection are more comfotable too.
  4. RedMax Man

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    There is a 3 man maintenance crew in my area. Almost everytime they get out of the truck they take a couple min. to adjust their Worktunes and then get the trimmers and hop on the lazers and start cutting.
  5. Shawns Lawns

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    Gateway --
    You can do all the calculations you want of possible lost time and money. Take that away from them and they will find something else to take that time from you instead. If they are happy they most likely will work faster when they are working to make up for the time they stop to change the station. I remember years back i was working in a factory and they took out all the radios out thinking it would improve productivity. Well it did not and about a year later they changed there minds about it. Music is a small thing to concede on if you have overall a good work crew. ( just to let you know i do not listed not music when i cut i want to hear my mower):waving:
  6. carcrz

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    I only have to adjust my stations at one of my areas I mow. Are you guys using the good batteries? Everyone thinks I am much more pleasant at the end of the day when I am listening to music than w/o. I think Plextor makes an input only style of earmuffs that would work good for you guys that don't get good reception. The only downside is having to upload music every time you get tired of the same stuff over & over.
  7. Uranus

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    Ok for you guys that say you dont listen to music cuz you want to hear your mower. Why cant you hear your mower with music on I can hear every stick, twig, pebble, acorn, and kids toy that goes through my mower. I can hear every little whine of the hydraulics and every time time the deck hits a rock.
    And for the guys that are constantly retuning there radios well it sounds like they are more concerned with there music than their work. If i'm mowing and I dont like the station, song, or reception is bad well I'm not stopping, Just turn it down till the song is over or turn it off. Sounds like these guys priorities are in the wrong place. I will be listening to my work tunes for many years to come.
  8. RedMax Man

    RedMax Man LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Ya, you can still hear the mower fine. I still use mine sometimes just not every property because it gets bad reception so i shut it off.
  9. Uranus

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    This is what I do.
    :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :headphones:
  10. RedMax Man

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    Who ends up singing while thay're mowing cuz their stuck to their Worktunes all day?;)

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