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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Natural Impressions, May 8, 2006.

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    I have a customer who for the past 3 year I have suggested and encouraged that he should think about thatch removal and areation. Well now his lawn is infested with weeds. And he wants to know how I can restore it:hammerhead: :hammerhead:

    1. I suggested and he should noe let me eliminate all the weeds, top soil, till and sod the areas (1100 sq ft.) Too much money (estimate about $1150.00 for everything).
    2. Thinking of suggesting to let me eliminate the weeds. Have me slice seed and then have someone come in and hydroseed. I still think it will run about about $800 and I know that will still be too much. He should also have someone start coming to fertilize but that another story.
    3. Now how about this...can I come in there with a slice seeder, spread seed and starter fertlizer? Or would that be a waste of time and money( don't want to do that).

    4. Anyone have any other ideas?????????:confused: :confused: :confused: :drinkup:
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    Yup, guy don't want to spend a lot of money but if he has enough lawn left, this method works extremely well:

    Don't know the acreage but 1 bag covers a 1/4 acre up to 1/2 acre but the smaller the lot, the closer to actual rain you want to time it due to risk of burn: Throw down 1 bag of 34-0-0 fertilizer, $8.50 at Home Depot and charge him $35.

    While you're at Home Depot, get a backpack sprayer and a bottle (or three) of Lawn Weed Killer <- NO, not Lawn & Weed killer but Lawn weed killer: Kills the weeds but not the lawn. This weed killer also has to be timed with the rain as in, it can NOT rain for 48 hours after application. The mix rate is listed on the chart that comes with the bottle, there is enough in the bottle to mix more than what you need but anyhow you mix 4 gallons worth inside the backpack sprayer, then mix another 5 gallons in some container such as a brand-new but empty gasoline can, that's what I use. After you're done mixing, add a glug of dishwashing soap to those two containers to soften the water so that it sticks to water-repellent weeds better (this takes the place of what is technically called a surfactant). An ounce of soap for every 2 gallons of mix is good if you want to be precise.
    The Lawn Weed Killer costs around 7-8 dollars a bottle so you're looking likely at 5-10 dollars in stuff.
    Head out there and spray the entire lawn with the misting nozzle and do this on a calm and sunny day and watch the drift - You need to kind of spray and watch drift the entire time, drift can and does work in your favor but you have to work with it. When your sprayer runs low or runs out, refill from the gas can but do so slowly as it will foam a bit.
    A little mist is all you need, weeds don't need to be dripping wet, they just need to be covered in those tiny droplets, that is good enough. 10-30 days later, treat the lawn for weeds again, total charge: $65 for a total of 100 dollars.
    Total time: The 34-0-0 about 10 minutes if it takes you that long to apply. The weed killer is another story, bit of a waste but for the benefit, well worth the effort.

    Now if the guy's lawn ends up with bare spots, then aerate, seed, fert + lime in september and you're done.
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    he barely has any lawn......what he does have it is yellow

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