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    I've heard that you are running specials now with rebates. Can you comment. Are the rebates only for the dealer (I know most will pass much of that on to the consumer.)

    I was comparing a Fastrak 52" with a Lazer CT with a similar size deck and the price difference was about $1500.

    I am more curious about Mini-Z rebates to see if those units would come into my price range of about $6K.
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    Yes it is true; we have offered dealer incentives.
    Although these are rare, they are put in different markets (regions of the U.S.) at different times of the year. We do not advertise this to the end user; this is strictly a dealer incentive. This is also 100% dealer voluntary, they do not have to participate in this program when it is offered. And another thing to consider is, this incentive when it is offered may not cover all models, it at some times is model specific.
    With that being said, talk to your dealer and work your best price.
    Remember that the dealer needs to make his profit to stay in business and to serve you for years to come.


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