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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KDLAWN, Nov 20, 2006.


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    I picked up 11 new commercial accounts this Aug after the LOC that was doing it got fired.. it is full maintence account (landscape/spring and fall flowers/bark once a year/ and trimming of bushes as needed, which is every other week.. no lie!!! and grass cutting once a week and blowing off the lot ) I put my bid in on this really not knowing how to bid something with this much to do.. so i thought i could hire one guy to do all of this, stupid me figured out real fast that it is really a 4 man job!! 2guys to cut and and 2 guys to handle the landscape maintenece.. my bid was $1850.00 per month which once I discovered how much work there was to it I hated to go back and say I need more money... so I have made it work for 3 months now.. I am just needing to know whats a good way in approaching the head guy in telling him i need more money.. I am not very good at going about things in a suddle way.. i am usually to the point and blunt.. and some people take it as offensive and i don't wanna be that.. its a good account I just need more money... it takes about 13 hrs a week(52hs/month) to cut the 11 properties and then another 15 ever other week for the trimming of the bushes..
    (30hrs/month) what would you re-bid this for??.. just needing some ideas!!.. thanks..
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    well a total of 83 hours per month at $60 per hour is over $4800!!! When is this contract up?

    To be fair to the customer let them know you under bid and would like another chance to bid. Let them know you will void the current contract if they will allow you to do this. If you have them under contract they may try to hold you to it, and by law you would need to uphold your end. If they allow you to re-bid, then take the 83 hours by your hourly rate and you have it. Just remember they will be open to recieve other bids as well.
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    This is unfortunate but do you think someone will willingly re structure their current contract to pay you more because you made an apparent mistake bidding and miscalculating too low? Not to sound like a turd but you kind of made your own bed. I think you need to find a way to cut some hours off of this job to make it work better for you.
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    I agree, I dont think that anybody would let you increase their amount over your mistake,guess its worth a try. I think you might loose it all together but from the sounds of it wont be a bad thing. Hindsight is 20/20
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    You have a couple of options here:

    • You can talk to the customer and explain your situation, and hope they are understanding.
    • You can stick it out ... but know that when you reach the end of the contract, the customer will then realize your mistake in under bidding the job the season before.

    Me ... I would probably bring it up now. What do you have to loose?


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    well contract ends the end of Dec. so i am good in that aspect.. just needing some input from you guys.. thanks..!!!
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    Well ... you are good there then. You never know ... what you give them for a price for next season may very well be what they were used to paying. If they were pleased with your work (and they have half a clue what the contract is really worth) ... they shouldn't blink an eye at your price increase.

    Good Luck ...
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    You need to look at getting the hours down.......put growth control on those bushes and that will almost eliminate that part of the job. Do you have the size of blowers needed to clean-up fast? Maybe a WB unit? What kind of properties are these--wide open cutting or lots of curbs? Keep in mind, I have seen TG or other large companies bids go as low as $25 per hour.

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    yea.. i thought about the growth contrl and bought some.. just didn't put it out cause I really didn't know how it would react to the aug. heat here in alabama// the lastthing i needed was to put it on there and then it burn all the shurbs up.. but I was goingto put it on first trimming this spring..

    I have a billy goat walk behind blower to do the parking lots with and a BP blower to blow the sidewalks and around the buildings with.. this is a resturant chain..

    how can TG or anyone charge that CHEAP price and make any money.. that does not even cover labor rate for me...

    thanks guys.. yall have been some great help!! :)
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    Live and learn my friend!:nono: Dont bid jobs like this if you don't know how to bid in the first place, second to help your cause--maybe suggest some "extra landscaping" they might want to do and try to make some of your money up. BUT if it were me in your shoe's, I would tell the head honcho you grossly under bid this project but you will hold to your commitment and when it comes time to re-new the contract the price will be fair but it will have to increase.

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