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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dbear, May 11, 2002.

  1. dbear

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    Hey all. My Kohler MV-20 on my Ransomes BobCat 3 wheeler with 61" is getting to the point of decision - 2500+ hrs and blowing oil (1/2 qt every 3-4 hours). The rest of the unit is still in great condition, so I can't see replacing the entire thing at this time.

    Consequently, my questions are:
    1. Is it better to rebuild this motor, or replace it with newer tech motor (I would like to have a few more horses to get thru the taller grass a little easier)?
    2. Approx what am I looking at in terms of cost for both options?
    3. If replace, stay with Kohler (CV), or change to other brand?
    4. And lastly, if change brand, what's a good one to go with (Robin, Briggs, Kawasaki, Honda...)?

  2. For engine prices check
    i just got a 5.5 briggs for my Bluebird that Northern tool couldn't help me with.
    I don't know costs for rebuilding the the bigger engines but parts on the smaller one's can be about 1/2 a new engine, so even doing the labor myself, it just isn't worth rebuilding a $200-250 engine.
  3. Dennis E.

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    Replace it. I've had Kohler 18's that had mega hours on them and never a problem. 2500 seems a bit soon to me.

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