Discussion in 'Tanaka' started by Frontier-Lawn, Jul 26, 2006.

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    More than its worth IMHO...
  3. pugs

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    It looks like alot of stuff has been stripped off of it already :(

    That gearbox/blade gaurd is probably not too cheap. Is the carb even there? I cant tell from the picture but the tube that should go from the air filter box to the engine is missing. The fuel tank is also missing. It would be under and come up behind the engine.

    If you already have one and need some parts it looks like the frame is pretty good. I really dont know what to tell you.

    I wouldnt mind picking it up for myself to tinker with...but I am a Tanaka dealer and can get the parts a little cheaper. I will look up and get some prices on the parts that appear to be missing and post up here tommorrow sometime.

    You may wanna ask the seller if the carb is on there or not...
  4. newz7151

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    The description notes most of that. " It is missing some parts, namely, the blade assembly and carburetor. I believe the motor is okay, although the pull-start needs work. Selling as-is"
  5. pugs

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    Shoot...I saw the part about the blade assembly...didnt see the part about the carb for some reason...must have skipped right over that.
  6. pugs

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    Carb lists for 93-95 depending on SN. Fuel Tank is like 78. The Gearbox is 210. The two halves of the blade cover are 51 and 24. Then there are tons of smaller parts. Fuel lines, air filter tube...lots of little parts to go with holding the blade. I would say get a new one unless you have some of these parts laying around...

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