Rebuilding a Redmax 7001

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by crepitus, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Yeah make sure the bearing that turns the piston is not siezed or you need not only a piston and head but you will need the crank also. Then in my opinion you might be in the 200 range. It is still worth it considering you will have a brand new engine but if the carb is gone and have to rebuild carb add another 25 for carb rebuild kit. then your pushing it because you could have a brand new one for a few hundered more. Look at it this way youll gain experience with rebuilding something that is easy to rebuild. and youll have a brand new engine in your blower and save a feww hundered for a days labor.
  2. ein999

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    Wait i didnt mean the lower bearings i meant the bearing or connection in the crankshaft. Which if rusted or sometimes they rust or seize i dont know why it can mean a whole new crank. SO my point is the lowers are impotant also because they cost like 150-200 new. Or at least my shindaiwa one did. Thats when i got into the business.
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    Gees thanks mate, I'm in a regional area in Townsville, Qld, Australia, and I've no complaints, except that like any regional towns, it's dificult to get some things done as is might be common world wide, but there are businesses who are genuine. I thank you for your advice. I'll take notice of your advice re drive shaft greasing. Thanks again.
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    9 out of 10 times, the carburetor is the culprit. if the machine is old however, maybe its just tired. its like rebuilding a trans on an old truck, or replacing the motor. the rest if the truck/trimmer is still going to be old. I'd buy a cylinder base gasket first. pull the carb, and muffler and inspect both ends for scoring. when you get the gasket, ask for the max. clearance on the piston ring gap. actually, forget that. go buy a new wrist pin, rings and carb. to rebuild a carb is dumb, because the butterfly shaft wears out in the body and no kit in the world will replace worn metal. also, passages get enlarged, like a trickle of water + time = grand canyon. get my point? the rings are designed to wear. replace them. the carb just DOES wear. replace it. shouldn't be more than 40-60 bucks. if so, they're overcharging you, and you need to go elsewhere and not settle there. new cylinder gasket, heck, gasket kit for the whole machine, carb, and rings = as close to a new machine as possible that may last another 10+ years. I went to schools for this, I'm not making this stuff up. you should listen to me. actually, I'd just get a new carb, rings, and cylinder base gasket, and sell it in favor of a new one that's been improved w/ new technical advances. they run better, are lighter w/ more power, and last longer, not to mention being cheaper and easier to fix. just my 0.02

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    what are you mumbling about? don't listen to him, he doesn't know anything.
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    what a score, this is great info, do you know if a person can order to completely rebuilt engine for the ebz7001rh?

    Thanks for your valuable time
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    Thanks much for the detailed information!!!:clapping:
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    i am going to attempt to rebuild a eb7001 blower i have. bought a new piston , rings and head. my question is, do the rings go on in any certain order or placement on the piston ? thanks, Russ
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    Well, the piston has a steel pin in each ring groove to locate the ring end gap. It is offset in the groove so the rings can only fit one way. I usually mark the pin locations on top of the piston with a sharpie for reference. Be sure and lube up the cyl., pin/bearing and rings with straight 2 cycle oil. I also lube the crank brngs. I spray all the gaskets with sealer. Never seez on the muffler bolts and a dab on the plug thrds.
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    hi I know this is old post but I am trying to rebuild an eb4401 redmax blower . i have already changed pistons and rings twice because of scoring then someone told me to replace the bearings . Ihave everything apart but cant remove the starter pawl from crank shaft. then how do I remove the old bearings and press in the new? thanks jim

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