Rebuilding & expanding my trailer


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It needs new paint, wood, coupler, jack, wiring, etc. anyway so I am probably going to just chop the frame and extend it 2' longer then put on a side gate big enough for a 52" mower to go through. This will let me grow into the trailer even if I get another mower in the future. It's a single axle and no it won't change the balance too much. I'm making it longer in front of the axle. As it is whenever I have two machines on it, even with the heavier one up front it's hard to get positive tongue weight. This way I will be more evenly distributed. Going to go all out on this project. Treated lumber. May even put an electric motor on the jack. I already have the motor so it would be simple. I may pass on that though, then you wouldn't be able to use the jack with other vehicles and there's more potential problems. I'll think about it anyway ;) Also may put a winch on front for when i drag up non running machines. The side gate will have a spring lift like the back. May make some racks & maybe a cage, maybe a tongue toolbox.

My gripe with this trailer, the frame is angle iron not square tube. So it's not super strong. I plan to make it just as strong in the extension and brace up the side gate area so it won't have strength issues there. The gate will provide strength when up & latched.
It has 1x12's bolted to the angle rail on the sides, I will be putting new wood on the sides again because thats been handy, no losing stuff, holds mulch & debris. Going with a wood floor over expanded metal because it's stronger and you can shovel mulch off of it without the shovel catching. Also it holds debris and small parts in ;)

Any ideas or suggestions on this project?


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is the toung bent? if so try to straighten it and re-enforce it
that is where the most stress is on a trailer
why expanded metal with wood over it why not just wood bolted to the crossmembers?
cutting the side of the trailer for a gate may weaken it to much the side rails really do help with the strength of the trailer
post some more pics good luck with the project


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MDB- yes I did intentionally but not enough to touch the bumper. I now have a receiver hitch on it and that helps tremendously!

Dusty- yes it is. The guy that owned the trailer before us loaned it to his stupid son, who put a chevy S10 on the trailer (I don’t even know how that would fit) and then he jackknifed it with the S10 on it! I plan to cut it off right behind where it’s bent, this will leave the angle A frame about 17” apart from each other. Then I’m going to weld in a brace across there and use a single square tube tongue that will go back almost to the axle and will be welded on at 3 or 4 spots. The idea is to make the trailer stronger in the tongue area so this never happens again. As for the gate- I plan on using a latch system that won’t weaken the frame. I did not mean wood over expanded. Use expanded steel on the side gate (like it has on the back one) then replace the wood on the floor and side rails. I like having the wood on the side rails, holds stuff in well.

Any thoughts about using one piece of steel for the floor and side rails instead of wood planks? My concerns is it might get alittle slippery, will scratch too and then rust. Still it’s gotta be better than wood and you can easily shovel mulch & debris out of it no problem. Figure paint it twice a year maybe. Probably will go with wood but steel is tempting. I like steel and working with it anyway. I buy steel from a distributor in town, cheapest I know of!

I haven’t started on it yet, I’m just getting ideas and figuring up what it’s gonna cost to do this.

Any suggestions?


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FrankenScagMachines, a friend has a 6.5x16 tandum, he had to keep replaceing the wood and got tired of messing w/it. He found a sheet of aluminum and used it for the floor. I think it's 1/8" thick but not sure, it is very strong though. he used the trailer every day for construction clean-up and has had no problems with it. Just something to think about, it's (the aluminum) is lighter than steel and won't rust.


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that sounds like a good idea TXLAWNBOY. how much would a sheet of aluminum cost for that size trailer though?


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Frankenscag, what part of Indiana are you from? I am in the Chicago west suburbs. I found a surpluss store near me that had 5' X 18" diamond plate sections for sale. I can check to see if they have another four if you want them. Four sheets of this dressed up my 10' trailer nicely and it is now maintenance free except for the occasional powerwash or repaint. I am having 2 1/2' X 3' signs made up with my new logo on it for advertisement.