Rebuilding kohler 20 hp horizontal shaft

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mlh1598, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. mlh1598

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    Can anyone tell me how hard it is to rebuild a kohler 20 hp horizontal shaft.

    I have been told it is better to just buy a new engine, but $1700, plus installation is the best price I have found for a new one.

    I have also been told to just buy short block and put origanal heads back.
  2. khouse

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    what is the model # of the engine? why does it need rebuilding? have you rebuilt other engines before? how many hours on this engine? is there a engine machine shop near by? does it run now?
  3. mlh1598

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    Thanks, for the come back.

    A shop is going to take a deeper look into it next Thursday.

    It started backfiring when we shut the blades off.

    We rebuilt the carb, cleaned everything up, still backfiring.

    The dude at the shop seams to think it is electrical, He was just guessing from listening to it, and will take a closer look next Thursday.

    Thanks again, Mike

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