rebuilding older exmark greaseable spindles

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mckell68, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. mckell68

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    I just spent $35 in shop time to have a spindle rebuilt at the exmark dealer. Has anybody on the site taken on this job themselves? I am pretty handy around the shop, and like to avoid paying out for shop time if I can do it myself. Are any special tools/techniques needed to do this? Any comments or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks---Mike
  2. KG Lawncare

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    I do it myself. You, of course have to buy the new bearings. The most valuable tool in this process is a shop press. I have an older one that utilizes a hydraulic jack. Maybe someone you know has one. A set of snap-ring pliers are needed. Just take the old snap-rings out, press-out the shaft and the bearings. Buy the new bearings, and new snap-rings, if needed. Check the shaft for straight-ness. Clean the exposed ends of the shaft with steel wool before re-assembly. Then just press the bearings back on during re-assembly. You probably already have an idea on how to do it, if you watched them at the shop. If not, you will figure it out during dis-assembly and re-assembly. One bearing will be pressed onto the shaft, then the shaft with bearing and cover plate will be held in the housing, while the other bearing is pressed-on. Add the last cover plate, with the little screws that hold it in place. Put the snap-rings on, and grease completely. Check and double-check yourself often during the process, and you should be fine. Let me know how you make out. Have fun. After 2 or 3 times, it gets easier and easier......JIM...
  3. KG Lawncare

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    I forgot to mention...Make sure you clean the exposed ends of the shaft completely BEFORE you press the bearings OUT. That will help the process. A little lubricant added wouldn't hurt either.
  4. Jusmowin

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    I have an Old metro 36that I blew out the right blade spindle bering and was wondering if I ordered a complete spindle assembly would I order a short or long shaft spindle assembly. Exmarkdealer wants $93.00 but I have found one at mow more on line for $50.00 but I not sure if I need a long or short spindle for my 7 year old 36 metro. can anyone help?
  5. KG Lawncare

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    I am not familiar with the particular type of mower...but...generally you can tell from the pulleys attached. A single belt pulley would be attached to a short shaft. Double pulleys are attached to the long shafts. I don't own a 36 incher, but several 48 inchers. Mine have the long shaft in the middle, with the double pulley, and the short shafts are left and right of that, with the single pulleys. I know of an LCO in town, and if I see him at the coffee shop this week, I will ask him. He has a couple of 36" mowers.

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