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rebuilding spindles


LawnSite Senior Member
Webster, NY
I am rebuilding the spindles on my ferris DD. I have done them on another mower before that had the same set up. right now I have the spindle assemblies out of the mower and e-rings off. I am trying to figure out how to get the spindle out of the bearing. I can't remember what I did before. I know to get the bearings out I heated up the housing and they fell right out. Then I used a press to put the new ones back in. I can't remember how I took the spindle out of the bearing and how I put it back in.


LawnSite Fanatic
I'm not familiar with the Ferris line but when I have to rebuild a spindle I havn't done in the past I find a break down, With that you can see how it comes apart. I havn't yet had to heat a housing to get a bearing to fall out, I simply remove any retainers and press the shaft and one bearing out the bottom or top then press the other out, Then re-assemble in a reverse pattern.

If it will help you can go here; http://www.ferrisindustries.com/t_manuals.php And down load a illustrated parts list showing the break down.

Good luck