Rebuilt B&S carb

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by kogafortwo, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. kogafortwo

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    Just re-did the carb on my 12 horse B&S on the Snapper. Wow, what a difference. This is a 15 year old machine I bought used 3 years ago. It runs like a new mower from the dealer. Hell, I even did the neighbor's lawn, it runs so good.

    And the little 4-stroke carbs are a lot easier to work on than the 2-stroke carbs like Walbros and Zamas. The only things I replaced were the needle & float, the rest was just clean up. Adjusted the throttle and choke linkages and now even the choke works (I didn't know it WASN'T working before).

    Somebody oughta pay me for this kind of work...I usually fix my neighbors' stuff for a 12 pack.
  2. Phil G

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    Always good to read a post like this one. The saving of money and the satisfaction of a job well done.
    If I could offer just one small piece of advise; always turn the fuel valve off after use (if fitted) some of these B&S engines are notorious for leaking.
    atb Phil :)
  3. kogafortwo

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    Thanks for the support & the tip. Nope, this motor doesn't have a shutoff but it doesn't leak either. I use automotive 1/4" neoprene fuel hose with real screw type hose clamps, not just the sheet metal pinchers.

    You're right, a repair job done well saves $$$ and makes you feel good.

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