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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JML, Apr 24, 2002.

  1. JML

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    Do any of you guys leave a note/door hanger/ receipt of what service you provided that day to a customer. So if you cut grass you leave something saying that the grass was mowed, etc. with the date? I was thinking about doing something along these lines and also adding something to the back to try to sell more services. thanks

  2. RoyaleRcr

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    I only do aeration, overseeding, organic lawn care, but even when I mowed I would try to leave something to let them know I was there. It helps set you apart as a proffesional and not a kid with a mower. Lesco has a bunch of pre-printed leave behinds. Many of them have things like check lists, sugestions, ect.....
    If you have a dealer near you ask them to see the catalog behind the desk.

    Good Luck
  3. KirbysLawn

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    Unless I'm missing something if the grass is mowed would they not know you were there?

    I leave door hangers only when doing special jobs or applications where there is no evidence I was around.
  4. Toroguy

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    If you put down chemicals in MN you leave a application flag on the yard. Otherwise some information on the aeration or overseeding "Do's and Dont's" may be appropriate and helpful to the customer. They may wonder what all the cores are, or if they should rake them, etc.


    As Kirby noted, the grass is cut...maybe for initial name recognition? The extra services provided flyer idea is good.
  5. Albemarle Lawn

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    Mowing/ aeration should speak for itself.
  6. Southern Lawns

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    I'm with Ray, only if it's not evident that I was out do I post a flyer or hanger. I try and offer advice/recommendations face to face or over the phone in order to close the deal or address questions or concerns. Works well for us.
  7. P. Nelson

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    I email my customers a microsoft word template checking off the things I did. At the bottom I have an "Other Services" section where I can explain services or address comments/concerns. I'm a low volume part-timer. That may not work for you big guys.
  8. JimLewis

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    Well, since we do a lot more than just mowing (e.g. fertilizer, light pruning, spraying weeds in the lawn, pulling weeds in flowerbeds, raking leaves, etc....) and a lot of these things aren't necessarily noticable unless you have a photographic memory and can remember exactly what the yard looked like before we came, we leave a checklist every visit, every week.

    It looks like this;

    They cost me 1.8 cents per black and white copy. And they take us less than a minute to fill out and put on the door. I don't understand why anyone WOULDN'T take the time to do this. But then again, that's just the way we do stuff. I always try to find ways to go the extra mile. I think little things like this set you apart from the competition and make you look more professional.

    Yah, I guess if you are ONLY mowing, you might not need to do it. But we don't do the mow-blow-go routine.
  9. RoyaleRcr

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    I come from a marketing background so I always try to keep my name and my company name in front of the customer. I don't care if it's just a note saying thanks for the business. Try to develope a relationship with the customer and they will think of you for extra work first. It works, try it sometime.

  10. GarPA

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    I leave a door hanger with a checklist inside...even if its obvious I only mowed...its courteous and its professional....often I'll snip a bush, pull some weeds etc...I want them to know that...thats how we can spoil them and keep them from going to some yahoo for work....2 part form...I then put a copy in their file...then when it comes fo figuring costs for next year, I have all the work effort details on that account, in one place

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