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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by T-Bone, Apr 8, 2001.

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    Went to mow a customers lawn last year and here was this cute little beagle, the lady ask if I wanted it so both of my children would have there own dog, sence we already had one beagle I thought well maybe I should be fatherly, so I took it home. Needless to say my 6 year old son was very pleased.
    This spring when I went to get my trailer out I noticed the electrical wires had been worked on rather hard, not to mention the 6 sprinkler valve heads she distroyed. She even tried to chew through my boot as it came out her front end.

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    My beagle died a few years ago. She's underground in the my woods under dirt, leaves, and my family's tears. It's nice to hear you kick yours around. Thanks for sharing your animal abuse story.
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    Is there a question about something in there???
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    I took it as a joke. I don't belong to peta and don't believe in animal abuse, but really do you think he kicked the dog hard enough to make the boot come out the other end?

    I disciplined our dog too, and she is now the most happy dog and playful thing, Sorry to hear about the loss, but cheer up.

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