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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by kemmer, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. kemmer

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    Hey guys, haven't been on the site for a while since I've been so busy. Im doing a 4 credit internship for UMass this summer. The point of it is to learn more of the hardscape and overall business operations along with other written requirements. So here are some of the pics of some jobs that we've done so far this summer.

    This was the first job i was on. It was an existing pool patio with a rock wall with a poorly setup lower patio. So we demo'd the whole thing and and installed a lower retaining wall with steps and a landing then a higher wall with steps with a patio connecting to the pool. Personally i don't like it much but the customer did.

    This project was done for a while, but i came back because the planting crew had to plant and regrade the area. We installed 9-10 arborvites and 1 norway spruce which was to big and is blocking the steps as you can see in the first pic but they said they'd "trim it back". I think its to big. We are also installing 5-6 12' norway spruces on the upper level by the pool to block the views to the sides




  2. kemmer

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    Here is another project we just finished today. The property was a mess before, very muddy, with a damage pool in the center. We installed a 500Gal sepage tank, removed tons of soil. Installed and swailed clayie soil towards the tank, fabric, and i think around 200 tons of 3/4 clean gravel. The wall is 245ft long with a set of steps. Wall took us a week to build, We still have to go back and put more fabric down, install sandy soil, topsoil, grade, and install sod.





  3. 02DURAMAX

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    That is one huge job you got their....
  4. ross carroll

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    Is that one guy taking a leak on your wall?:nono:
  5. kemmer

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    No lol, theyre just doing the caps. I have some more pictures of a pool patio we are doing. ill post them tonight
  6. mrusk

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    That first job looks horrible!!! The point of the quarry stone is to have a natural looking wall. You really need to build the wall more random to get the full effect.

    So it sound slike this is your summer internship?
  7. kemmer

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    I agree, i dont like it very much, but it wasnt my design or pattern.

    Ya this is my internship, so far its pretty good. been doing a large array of projects.

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    did the jersey devil stop by and do a but scoot accost that first patio? talk about skid marks lol
  9. kemmer

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    Peat moss
  10. kemmer

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    Heres some pics from the pool patio we started on friday, forgot to tak pics today but we finished the bullnose and started to lay spread some QP, will take more pics tomorrow





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