Recent issues with DV-100's, anybody else?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bcg, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. bcg

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    I've had a bunch of service calls in the last year for valves not closing on RainBird DV100's that ended up being a loose bleed screw or solenoid. Some of these systems, I've been out to 2x in the last year to tighten the bleed screw and some of them have been on valves I installed where I personally tightened down the bleed screw and solenoid at installation. At first I thought somebody must have messed with them but now I think it's the valve. Is anyone else experiencing this? I can't figure out how these things would loosen up on ther own other than serious water hammer but none of these sites have any water hammer issues...
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    so far this year I have dealt with 2 dv-100's that I have personally put in 3 years ago with what seems to just be a stuck valve...I just bleed them out and they seal up....Never took serious not of the state of the bleeder but will now..

  3. frumdig

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    Felt the need to dig this up, I replaced alot of DVs this year... We noticed the same thing the previous year, it wasn't too frequent and we would tighten up the bleed screw and move along... Well a lot of the same valves would do it again... My boss took the problem up with our supplier/rainbird. They ended up warranting the valves and apparently covered our service hours too... They told us it was a bad batch, and we would have to swap the tops of the vales out...

    If the zone didn't stick on, it would start leaking out of the bleed screw. Most houses would have at least one that stuck open (which prompted the service call) , and I would find a couple that were just now weeping at the bleed screw.. Most of the time I would replace every valve on the system.. Avg 8-12 zone systems so no big deal... Although I did have to do 24 at one property.

  4. Wet_Boots

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    did they give a time window for the 'bad batch' ??
  5. 1idejim

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    Monday, Boots, maybe Friday too :p
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  6. frumdig

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    I don't have the specific date, if they came to a conclusion on that part... But it was on systems we installed in the end of 2011 but mostly 2012... I tried paying attention to stamps on the valves, some had none... Others showed 2010... Never had a problem swapping out the bad for new ones at the supplier, and rainbird supposedly sent us checks for our service hours... I was shocked...

    Some houses would have 3-4 valves just weeping away, which about a month after turning on the system this past spring, the 'I gotta leak' call would come in... And that's what I would find, they just hadn't opened enough to make the zone stay open.
  7. GreenAcresIrrigation

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    I have had some DV weeping issues since 2011. In that time frame my supplier has warranted them all. I have been told its been a bad batch, dirt in the system, etc. We flush every system before we glue the last valves on and take pride in installing a quality system with minimal call backs. The thing that drives me nuts is we installed a system, 3 zones about 45 min from the shop. Made very little money on the system, just wanting to get into a different area and pretty rich area. So I install this 3 zone system put up a ESP SMT, DV valves, and all Hunter MP rotary nozzles, great little system, 2 months after the install home owner calls and says he has a head leaking. I go out find a head with some sand in it, then go to the valve and the bleed screw is loose. Fix both items, a month goes buy and same thing, I go out, solenoid it tight, bleed screw is tight, so I top the valve, fixed. Another month and now 2 of the 3 are weeping out at the heads, replaced all 3 valves and then we blew it out, so I am waiting to see what comes in the spring.
  8. frumdig

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    at first we would take apart the valve to make sure it was nothing from the system install... almost always clean. we started thinking maybe the bleed screw was a little loose from the factory, so we would make sure that screw was tight at install. Then you would get call backs for other zones on the same system, and a lot of times the same zone from a previous call. So we started swapping the tops, and finally started replacing the TOPs of all the valves on the system. Usually you would find flooded valve boxes, which i made sure to pump out before fooling with anything to verify the leak. It was very common to find more than one of the valves (3-5 zone manifolds) leaking at the screw.
    *waiting to see results this coming season as well, we replaced entire systems last year.

    Occasionally we get a service call from a new customer with the same issue. either a leak, or zone stuck open. since we are already on a service call, ild swap the top and explain the issue. I cant justify only tightening the screw and charging them 80 bucks. just bill em an hour, and a new valve, and if it happens again, well make a judgement call.
  9. Ron Wolfarth

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    I am sorry I did not see this thread sooner. Is anyone still having DV bleed screw issues?
  10. MILS

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    I have installed a bunch(probably several hundred) of DV valves and have only had 1 issue. I like them and will continue to install them on all of my installs.

    The valves I get the most repair calls for are orbits and hunters. The Hunters I rebuild, the Orbits get replaced with DV's. The Orbits may be ok valves but I see so many bad that I will not install them.

    I see a lot of old Weathermatic valves that are 20+ years old and still work great.
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