recently bought a used triumph curious as to others reviews.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by walkinonwater27, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. walkinonwater27

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    so I've used magnums for a long time and love those machines but recently was offered a triumph for a great price so I jumped but after riding it around for a few hours it seems like it has a huge design flaw. my calves and back are killing me after using it, it seems like your holding yourself up the whole time as opposed to putting your weight on the machine and to turn it tightly is just very awkward. im considering drilling some holes in the pieces that hold the handle bars so I can straighten them out similar to the magnum or just selling it and finding a new machine. I cant even consider using this thing on a day to day basis, anyone have any tips to straighten this machine out or tried re positioning the handle bars ? or have a magnum for sale ?
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  2. georgialawn88

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    My back hurt using those too. Bad. Sell it and buy a ground logic. They are designed same no back issues
  3. Midwestlevin

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    Ground Logic all the way, way simpler machine than the PermaGreem and much easier to operate
  4. hort101

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    Maybe @Mr Efficiency has some experience or tips for you
    Good luck and imo if you own it mod it to make it work if possible
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  5. tdoeizreal

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    Get rid of it and never look back.
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  6. HenryB

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    I have a very low hour magnum if you're intrested I never really use it much I actually like the triumph and would be intrested in a trade
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  7. Marine03112

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    Look for an used exmark if you can find one. Or toro. Such a better machine. If your set in a magnum then groundlogic is the way to go. But I heard there was an issue with the frame cracking on those machines. Whatever you choose good luck.
  8. lawn king

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    I dont get back or leg pain from my ground logic or my hps, I dont find either of them particularly labor intensive to operate. What gets me is my feet, after 41 seasons, I rotate my work boots three, sometimes four times a day as my feet ache!
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  9. hort101

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    What's there for padding on the platform?

    I found the gel insoles helpful when I was standing on concrete floor all day, we also had mats to stand on at our work benches
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  10. RigglePLC

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    Sad situation, Walkin. Hope you get it worked out. Are you too short for the Triumph or too tall? Over 6'1"?
    Good point Hort 101. Good padding on the sulky is helpful. I added a thick rubber foam kneeling pad to stand on for my Permagreen. Be sure the sulky tires are not too hard.
    Fat chunky motorcycle motocross hand grips are a help.
    I hope you can get the handlebars adjusted to a comfortable level. Sounds like they need to be low enough so you can lean on them.
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