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Now I have more time for things that interest me. Recently, I've have taken on some lawn care for some elderly people but actually, the reason I signed up here is because I'm always interested in how things work. I'm not a pro, by any means. I just enjoy working outside, using my 2 and 4 cycle equipment and learning what I can about it. It's like a hobby and I become fascinated with it. Hopefully i can spend a fair amount of time checking out these threads and you never know, I might be able to contribute something meaningful and help someone out. I certainly hope so.
Recently, I've been working on an old Homelite HB100 leaf blower I received from a friend and neighbor. One thing we have in common is hanging onto our old possessions for reasons of nostalgia. I took it apart and got it running but it was so old it wouldn't run right. Only problem it had was the old Zama C1U H11 p88 carb. The bulb was disintegrated so badly that i couldn't even tell if there's supposed to be a check valve disk underneath the primer bulb. An exploded view of the carb doesn't seem to show one. I studied it and I put a kit in it. When I press the bulb it tries to shoot a little fuel toward the tank but also seems to try sucking it back. I've had it running at high speed but it just seems like the rpm wasn't as high as it could be. Idles great. And now it's doing something crazy. After i shut it off fuel continues to pour from the venturi into the air filter and onto the ground for a minute or two, like the tank is under pressure or something.
It's passed the pressure test where you put pressure on the fuel inlet. Pressure holds. And when I pump the bulb, the pressure drops a little each time I release the bulb, as it should. But when I hook up the gauge to the primer base port and pump the bulb it doesn't build pressure. There are no leaks at any gasket. It's been fun and interesting learning something about 2 stroke carbs. I haven't been successful in finding a replacement so far. They made some of these HB100 blowers with the aforementioned Zama and some of them with the Walbro WT-80.
Anyway, thanks for taking the time. I feel that some of you might know what the problem(s) is right away.

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