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  1. rcreech

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    Did somebody say we are in a recession?

    I sent out a post card about two weeks ago....and at first no calls.

    I thought.....CRAP!

    But the rain was falling and snow flakes here and there.

    Sunshine is out and phone is ringing off the hook and has been for over a week.

    Have picked up 17 customers since last Friday. Also, a lot of my current customer are calling and stopping me while on their lawn and adding extras such as perimeter, moles and seeding.

    What are you guys seeing out there?

    If we are in a recession....I hope we stay in it for a while! :laugh:

    Life is good!
  2. gregory

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    not all of us are that busy.........different market.....but slow.....
  3. Blink74

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    Same here in Cols. I did 5k bag inserts on the first week of march and only got one call. Fortunately, it turned into a sale. I had the same 5k homes hit a second time last week and the phone is ringing off the hook. I'm getting a lot of calls from the Yellow Pages as well.
  4. rcreech

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    Thats awesome Blink!

    I think that just shows how important TIMING is when advertising and marketing!

    I think next year I am going to wait until the last week of March or 1st week of April.

    Every year is different though!

    Got another three calls since I posted earlier today! Things are going crazy! Never would have dreamed this would have happened this year!

    Good Luck!
  5. Whitey4

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    I'm not seeing it either, Rodney. I have gotten so many extra jobs for plant installs, ivy eradication, mulching and other stuff that even with the limited number of accounts I have I am balls to the walls. I even have one customer that wants me to renovate an old water feature. They are still spending around here...
  6. rcreech

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    Ivy eradication?

    Please tell me more!

    I have a customer that wanted her Ivy taken out last year and I didn't have any success with the "waxy" leaf cuticle!

    I tried Gly and Scythe.

    NO LUCK!

    Please let me know!

  7. EJK2352

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    I think we will see people spending $$$$$ at the homestead. Since most I've talked to are planning on staying home instead of traveling/vacationing. I have talked to a few customers that some want extras. Even with a price increase I have had zero cancels so far, knock on wood.
  8. Ric

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    My area just a little North of you, seems to be a combination of Haves and Have-Not. Being mostly a retirement community, the up scale retired folks are spending, Lucky for me. Working class and low income retired are hurting big time. Foreclosures are ramped and there are 7 Repo tow trucks working my small town. One Customer is a Remodel contractor who hooked up with the banks early on. They are caring for the Foreclosed houses for the banks. Mostly boarding up windows and cutting the grass once a month to keep the county from fining them. People are leaving Florida for greener pastures. I hear horror stories all the time.

    BTW I am seeing a big increase in the cost of groceries and I am not a coupon clipper or price watcher. Stupid things like that afternoon soda and candybar that was $ 2.00 is now $ 3.50
  9. Ric

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    I just remembered an other stupid price increase. The 5 McDonald's in the county are all owned by the same family. The North end of the county is hurting the worst. Big Mac's are $ 2.35 The South end of the county is where the Up scale retirees live. Big Mac's are $ 2.85. The closest Big Mac to my House is $ 2.80. I am sure at one time Big Mac's cost less than a Dollar to make. We have all seen them on sale for a dollar. BTW I counted employees at my local Mickey D's one day at lunch. 16 people were working the lunch rush including the manager. And they say there are no jobs. American the land of opportunity and minimum wage
  10. lawn king

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    Things are very slow in massachusetts! Last week i had to haul my machine 30 miles to a job. Morning rush on rt. 128 never happend, not many trucks out there because the local economy is dead.

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