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    I have had three cancels this week from people that have been long time customers. All three made the same comment. "Have to cut back" I Live in a area that is a high percentage of white collar. I just wanted to know how many of you have heard the same thing! Sure hope things improve because this sure is uncertain times, with people being cautious about the money they spend.
  2. lifetree

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    I think alot of LCO's are going to be biting the dust this year !!
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    I've had a few cancels also for the same reason. The reason I understand, but with the exception of a couple high priced clients, the rest were on annual programs that were under $500.00, and they were pretty well off financially.

    Just the sign of the times. I make sure that I call them back and let them know that I understand. I had a couple of cancellations last year, and made sure to contact them after they called. The both signed back up this year.

    Customer relations is paramount this year to say the least. Being a solo owner/operator it is easier for me obviously to have a closer business relationship with my clients, and sometimes that makes it a little tougher in their minds to cancel. But in the end, they have to look out for their best interests.

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    couple calls every day !!! :(

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    Everytime someone cancels I get a knot in my stomach. I have had three good leads today though.:clapping: Just hope advertising and networking pays off this year!
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    I might be jinking myself by putting this in print.

    Sure I have lost a few to bad economy, but for everyone I lost I have gained two. Now it could all down the tubes in a NY second and I am worried just like everyone else. Obama's first stop on the unemployment trail was my area of Fla even if it wasn't my small town. Ft Myers, Lee county has the highest unemployment rate in the country and my small town is not any better.
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    My customer list is allready UP 20% this year from early marketing..

    Don't sit on your hands and you'll be fine.. it tough times, we all need to be out banging down doors, and getting twice as many customers as cancels...

    Our business is generally a good one in a recession... Doctors, and lawyers and other high end laborers won't be losing their jobs any time soon.. and these are my best, and most plentiful clients.
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    Sorry! Double post!
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    Same here!!!! Business is booming for us! Picking up a lot of very nice commercial accounts and quite a few res's. Don't make top dollar on commercials like res's....but still good money and keeps our bills paid! I look at commerical work like icing on the cake!!!! Also gives people a great perception when they see you doing most of the local business's. It is really a great way to advertise!

    But like Ric can change quick!

    I would have to lose quite a few to be back where I was at the end of the season.

    I picked up a VERY LARGE subcontract and I was even debating on advertising heavy this year!

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    Great advice:clapping: Some people are self fulfilling prophets...

    If this business was that easy everybody would be doing it...Oh wait, they are:laugh:

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