Recipe for loam/top soil

Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by Dave3710, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Dave3710

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    Anyone have a good recipe for loam/top soil? Several years ago I decided rather than paying to dump my clipping and leaves and then buy them back in the form of top soil, I would create my own soil through composting. Now I have a good sized pile of compost and want to make top and garden soil but I need a recipe. I am in the northeast so the soil needs to be conducive to NE plantings. Thanks
  2. cat320

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    weiss farm near me just spreads it in while they are dozing there main loam pile I don't think they have any sort of recipy for it not with the volum they are pushing.
  3. Dave3710

    Dave3710 LawnSite Member
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    I think there is a parentage of sand and maybe clay to make it suitable for grass or garden. I will keep looking on the web. Thanks
  4. LTL

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    There is a company here that takes leaves and grass for free and then turns the compost into the most wonderful garden mix. Almost every landscape architect in town specs Gem Dirt into their design. They take the pile of leaves and cover them will sandy loam. They let the piles "cook" for one maybe two years. Then they take the composted leaves and mix them with more sandy loam. It's very interesting to watch the process.
  5. Joe Lombardo

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    My cousin in Acton sells a loam compost mix which is 80% screened loam and 20% compost. Don't know if that's considered a recipe....
  6. AI Inc

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    Didnt Acton just start regs where at least 10% of topsoil must be compost

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