Reclaimed antique pavers

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by promower, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. promower

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    Anyone have any experience using reclaimed pavers? We have a job coming up where we may be using them. Wondering if they are a total pain to use, I am thinking there could be a lot of height and width variances. Definitely cool stuff but I also dont want to feel like clawing my eyes out after a day of laying them. Company we are looking at using is If anyone has ever used this company would love some feedback on them
  2. alldayrj

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    Not that brand specifically but i did 2000sf at a church where they got the brick donated (used) and they we're all covered in weeds, moss, slugs etc. had to be power washed after install. They also werent straight so you had to keep checking the running bond to keep it tight. We did the border in a new brick and they we're thicker. Super fun
  3. Stillwater

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    I have extensive experience, do you have any specific questions,
  4. promower

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    We will be using the purington pavers. On the website the pavers look for the most part be in fairly good shape. I guess my main concern is will I be able to use 95% of my order or should I expect more to be unusable ie; severely cracked or broken, to much of size difference etc.
    Being that freight is $935 I need to be sure I have enough for the job. The order I will be placing would give me an additional 80 bricks to work with / swap out.
    Also how much of a time difference could I expect in laying reclaimed vs. new?
  5. alexschultz1

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    Are you going to install the pavers to match the "worn in" look?
  6. JRSlawn

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    No problem laying them in a running bond install a herringbone pattern and you are asking for problems just did a project the main pad was herring bone and side to side our bond lines look perfect but front to back they look a little wavy. The homeowner had the product on site and I took the job anyway I should have told them the job wasn't for me being the pavers tolerances were off by up to 3/4" what a pain in the ass. Lesson learned
  7. promower

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    This job sounds like its going be a fun one.... Herringbone is the pattern that we are going for. Guess we will have to see the overall condition before we start laying. Looking through some pics on the web I am not seeing a lot of herringbone with these old pavers. I'm looking forward to the job only cause its a break from the same routine but I'm not looking for a huge headache either. Ill keep you posted, we start in about a week.

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