Recoil start on hydro w/b

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by bayfish, Dec 22, 2003.

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    For 5K and up for a walkbehind, why would'nt Hustler make electric start standard on all models? How much is the electric start option?
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    There is no electric start option, you need to buy a unit with electric start on it already.
    We do not offer a kit to put electric start on a recoil start unit.
    Here are your models and prices (these are MSRP, call your dealer for your best price)

    ES = Electric Start

    Hydro Walk Behind, 15HP Kawasaki/37 925677 $5,075
    Hydro Walk Behind, 15HP Kawasaki/48 925669 $5,335
    Hydro Walk Behind, 17HP Kawasaki/48 925651 $5,545
    Hydro Walk Behind, 17HP Kawasaki/54 925644 $5,745
    Hydro Walk Behind, 17HP Kawasaki ES/48 926238 $5,795
    Hydro Walk Behind, 17HP Kawasaki ES/54 926246 $5,995
    Super Walk Behind, 23HP Kawasaki ES/48 927129 $6,295
    Super Walk Behind, 25HP Kawasaki ES/54 927137 $6,495

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