Recomendations for fertilizing??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by flametamer49, Jul 16, 2005.

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    I am new to the buisness and the site. I just joined today but have spent the last several weeks doing alot of reading on here, lots of good info. What I basically have to go on is what I have learned over the years in my own yard and my parents. I live in the piedmont region of NC. I have always used southern states triple 10 fertilizer and kentucky 31 fescue. I fertilize in the spring and work any bad spots individually. In the fall I will overseed and fertilize lightly again. So here is the question. Towards the middle of the summer I start to see the yard not looking as good. I know this is partly due to the high heat and not lots of rain. Is there a different fertilizer that I should be using or something that I should be applying more often. I do not want to have these problems with my customers. Thanks for your help
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    Only fertilize if it needs it ,top dress and aerate in spring and dethatch if possible.You can fertilize tell your blue in the face but unless your soil is breathing and healthy,it won't help,it will give you a false sence of healthy lawn for a short time .If you feed your soil it will feed your lawn.
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    Thanks for the information. Now can anyone from NC or anywhere at that matter tell me how to go about getting a pesticides license. I have been unsuccecsful in my google searches???
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    Call your State Plant Board.

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