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    Msma Says To Mix At Least 40 Gallon Per Acre. I Have Modified My Hps With A 15 Gallon Tank And 60" Boom. It Is Calibrated At 3.5 Mph I Will Use All 15 Gallons In One Acre. But Label Says A Min. Of 40 Gal. Per Acre. H20 Is Just The Carrier! Has Anyone Tried To Use Only 15 Gal. Per Acre? 2 1/2 Pints Per Acre Is 2 1/2 Pints. I Am Using This Only To Spot Spray (with The Boom) On Large Multi Acre Lots. I Am Not Applying To Whole Lawn. My Lesco 200 Gallon Tank Sprayer Is Awesome For Broadlear And Pre-m But It Doesnt Give Me Enough Coverage On Crabgrass. Lesco Wants To Recalibrate And Change My Tips. I Dont Want To Because I Dont Like Change. I Like The Way It Is Now.

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