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Recommend 48 Ferris Hydro?


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Apex, NC
Does anyone use a 48" Ferris Hydro walk behind? Just seeing if anyone has any gripes or actually has nothing but good things to say about them... Thanks!


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I have a 48 comfort control and love it. It cuts great and saves quite a bit of time. I bought it the beginning of last year so it's still fairly new but no problems. The only thing I don't like is the pistolgrips. Mowing all day certainly gets uncomfortable on the wrists but after a while you start to get used to it.


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agreed with the pistol grips.. I think I've finally had enough of them. Not only is it tough on the wrist but if you hit anything, IE rock sticking above the ground or in my case(s) hidden random pipes sticking up out of the ground, your getting a pistol grip in the gut..dude it hurts...Also as a post avid pistol user, if you clip things or hit things lets say a tree stump sticking up or something, the shock is absorbed right into your bicept. I had dead arm for three weeks last season.. went out and bought a Tbar It's heaven..