Recommend a line of SDI products?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ErnieMccracken, Jul 30, 2013.

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    Water is extremely expensive in my area (despite being near Seattle where it rains most of the year :rolleyes:) thanks to local politics. Most of my neighbors have capped their systems and have opted to let everything brown out during the summer rather than endure the $400+ monthly water bills. Despite my reservations about potential drawbacks, I have decided to forge ahead with plans for an SDI system to irrigate ~2,500 feet of turf (in addition to 2,500 sf of trees/bushes/flowers).

    I am leaning toward Netafim products because it seems that's what most installers here have experience with, but am aware of at least a handful of competing products. What should I look for when choosing a product line? Any reason to pick the other products over more commonly used Netafim stuff?

    Netafim tech series
    Rain Bird XFS
    Hunter eco-mat and pld-esd
    KISSS system (similar to eco mat)
    Toro Microdrip
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    Bueller... Bueller? Is this thing on?
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    Netafim TLCV is state of the art. They are the company who is responsible for modern drip irrigation, everyone else just follows in their footsteps.

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