recommend a pto driven rotary mower, 8-10' width

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by PTSolutions, Apr 6, 2012.

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    i was referring to his current trailer! yes i understand it will go on some trailers.
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    "Bush Hog Brand"

    Thats what I use to have and if the tractor would ride up over it, it would mow it!
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    I was searching on land prides site and couldnt find any 8' models. Just 84" ill look into the woods and bush hog units. Found some nice 10' deere units but they are fixed deck tow bwhinds and wouldnt fit on our 8.5'x25+5 deckover

    As for guarding on the tractor, what do you guys recommend? And current tires are r1 tread titans. Are the r4s more resistant? I am considering nokians turf/snow tread tires b/c she does road alot for snowblowing duties in the winter but these tires dont seem to be a good match for mowing row
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