Recommendation: ZTR under $5500 and $6500

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Chowee21, May 21, 2020 at 12:57 AM.

  1. hdunson

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    Demo the Toro myride version for several days first before you buy. guys seem to love it or hate it. I went with the non my ride with the suspension seat. In the price range you are searching there are alot of good mowers from the major makers. every little add on raises the price enough to make you consider buying more than you need . You have to commit to what is important. In a zero turn its the hydros, cutting deck and engine. Then go with the one that provides a comfortable ride for you.
    Also consider tire width as you shared your property is always wet. A wider tire will dig less and provide more stability on slopes and hills,
    Good Luck
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  2. CGros31

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    Not sure about those other machines, but around here you can get a Deere z930m for that price. The 915’s are even cheaper. They are a step above the 700 series.
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  3. PhilsPhanatic

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    I know, I just got back from the dealer and the z915E is getting quoted at $7600 and the z740R at $8000, but I really stay right around 1000lbs or less, my yard is always soft. Based on PSI to the ground the Kubota and Toro win easily.
  4. hdunson

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    Looks like you have narrowed her down to two nice selections in brand new mowers.
    The advantage to toro in you get a larger air cleaner on the engine and a suspension seat. They are about even on the Hydros I believe.
    Maybe Kubota will upgrade your air cleaner and seat then its a coin toss. How does the Kubota deck cut compared to the Toro? And does the Kubota warranty compare to Toro?

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