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A couple months back I purchased a new hedge trimmer for a new account that I picked up. Needed something with a little reach on it but didn't want to spend a fortune. I found an Echo SHC-2100 for around $380.00 and it has made my life a whole lot easier. My trimming time is about half what it used to be with my Tanakas and my ability to reach the taller shrubs is much better. I didn't get the ones with the articulating head but really haven't needed any so far for what I do. I have been using Stihl trimmers, edgers and blowers but have been very pleased with my new hedge trimmers. I just thought I would recommend to anyone planning to purchase an extended reach trimmer to look at these before you buy. Another thing I like is they save me from a lot of lower back strain when you have a lot of shrubs to do. I use them for everything because I can stand over the shrubs and get a better view. I think they might even look better now!

Happy Homer

Vibe Ray

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Slidell, LA
I would have gotten the articulating head. Good for low hedging while still standing. You can always find a use for them!


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I have the Stihl FS-85 with the hedge trimmer attatchment. It also has the articulating head. I found that besides the ability to reach up high, it's easier to cut the hedge straight because your standing back from the hedge.


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New York State
I have the Echo trimmer with the articulating head. Excellent. I also have the hedge trimmer attatchment for my Stihl power pruner. It's O.K. if your gonna do one or two trees, but after that it gets heavy. If I can safely get on a step ladder and use my Echo I will do that.


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upstate SC
We have the Echo with the articulating head and love it. Took some time to get the feel of it but it's much faster now and can do must everything with it.