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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by kresztak, Jul 6, 2001.

  1. kresztak

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    I am a homeowner with 6 acres of land that is mostly trees. I plan on having about 1 acre of grass. The terrain is hilly and has a lot of rocks. A good portion of it is overgrown with thorny vines. I have a JD 4100 (class 1 PTO). The tractor has a front loader. I have recently purchased the tractor and I am a little worried about it tipping over when I drive across a hill (which I avoid doing)
    I do not think I would be comfortable with a mowing deck.

    What I would like to do is:
    1. cut grass
    2. cut brush, but how do you avoid the rocks?
    3. plow snow
    4. chip and shred tree branches and vines.
    5. find a piece of equipment that will alow me to do most if not all of these jobs at a reasonable price

    I don't think a small garden tractor will do it. I am thinking that a walk behind mower will give me a lower center of gravity and more comfort cutting grass and purhaps brush on an incline. I am looking a the DR brush hog with a mower and chipper attachement. Any opinions?
    I think a commercial walk behind mower would probably be the best long term investment. But can they cut brush? What about chiping?

    Any opions or recommendations would be appreciated.
  2. sdwally

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    1. Check with a JD dealer to see if the wheels can be moved out any to give better stability. If so possible a finish deck mower for the tractor. Depends on the slope and your feeling of safety. If you are mowing around buildings and trees, suggest a medium sized ZTR(zero turning radius) mower. Scag, Exmark, JD, & many others, check with local dealers.

    2.Brush deck mower for the tractor. This are designed or can be outfited with "stump jumper kits" for extra durability of the blade mount. Large units will usually break up rocks with time, however it is still best to pick up the larger ones. Less damage to deck and blades.

    3.Blades(rear mount) should be available for the tractor, however this may not be what you are looking for.

    4., there should be a dealer near your area. PTO tractor mount with a blower tube(large jobs, don't have to keep moving tractor or shoveling pile). These unit work well. Will chip larger limbs well, if you keep the knivies sharp.

    5.Prices vary with reliability and durability. Sometimes it's worth it to pay more.
  3. bassngrasser13

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    I would try a Dixon 72 mower. They run about $10,000 and come with a lot of attachments. They get the job done with a kohler engine. If you do not want to spend money on a dixon then get a scag not as many features though
  4. SpringValley

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    I bought a DR field and Brush mower this season to get into a low cost walk behind. I have the 15hp Kawasaki (full pressure lubrication and fuel pump), brush hog deck and 46" finish deck. I purchased an extra set of wheels and just bolted them to the ones on the unit with 8" bolts. Now I have dual wheels that are just a shade narrower than the finish deck. If you lock the differential you can mow a hill sideways that you can barely walk on. I have cut 2-2 1/2" brush with the brush hog deck and it works wonders on the thorn bushes. The duals are a little wider than the brush deck but not problematic by any means.

    All that for $2700. That is my experience with the DR so you have someone else's opinion other than the marketing stuff from DR.

  5. TFL

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    go with sdwally recomendation a compact tractor would last longr and be more comfortable to operate.
  6. lawnboy82

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    as far as cutting grass goes, a walk behind is probably your best bet. when you want to go cut fields then rent a walk behind brush hog. if you are talking about cutting trees though, get your land clearing guy to do it for you. if you can, see about gettin a tractor in there with a york rake to pull out some rocks, or a guy with a rock hound to pick em up. if you already have a machine with a loader, i would think that that will do your snow for you.

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