reconditioned Japanaese tractors


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In my area there has been a sudden influx of reconditioned tractors being imported.

Japan used, reconditioned in some other small asian countyr then shipped here. Yanmar, Iseki, Hinomoto......

Have these tractors shown up in your areas?

I have some acreage close to home now and need a small ag tractor. 21-27 hp, 4x4, loader with three point and pto rear. I don't need a mower. These little machines are cool, maybe as low as a third of the cost of a WASP named company that still is importing the major componenets and only asselmbling then here.

Should I be looing at these tractors with their traditional clutch transmission-differential more, or should I be considering a Kubota with hydrostatic transmissions?.

I am not really clearing, merely filling small paths and moving materials around


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I have been looking at them also. I need a small compact also for light bush hogging and I want one also maybe with a loader on the front for loading mulch. I have been thinking of getting a load of mulched dropped at my house and them loading it to go out to the customer, and the pitch fork isnt fun loading and unloading. I was also thinking about a blade on the front for snow removal. I just figure getting parts would be hard. About 2 years ago I was looking at some and they had hydro- static trannys on some, most people just get the gear drive cause they are unfamilar with hydo drive. Keep us posted if you get one or get any info on them


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I have bought into treehouse heaven. The canopy is eighty feet high. The down side is that the ground gets slick after it rains. and the puddles just get worse when we run through them.

Naturally, is one good spot. Search to "Iseki" I am looking at a 25 hp 4x4 loader, with the pto and 3 pt in the rear.Examples there are blue. I can get one within four miles for 6500.00

I'm liking the R-4 tires for my situation, you may desire something different. Truly, you just need to make the numbers work out by having hundred yard piles delivered, how many will it take to recover a certain percetage of the cost of a machine.

For the rough mowing, the snow pushing or a box blade w/ rippers to grade driveways with, 17 hp 2wd Yanmars for 3500 are all day down here (with the locking diff and the ag tires I haven't goten stuck in the mud hole with my friends machine). Again check the trader for those. Loader front are three thousand on to your budget- and you wouldn't buy a tractor and then add it. If you must have the loader then thats what you buy, the back end attachments are easier and cheaper to come by.

I have a 74 International wheel loader w/ 4yard bucket and nine foot wide root rake and a Bobcat Skidder. Five three wheelers, at least four dirtbikes, an odyssey, go kart or two (of the things that go offroad) only one personal Walker Brand mower and some hand power tools I kept, my son has the rest of that business stuff I don't need anymore, course I guess its really mine......

The big machine will "pump up" the water out of the ground if I run it too many times in the same spot and its wider than I want my trails and paths to be for my family compound (drive/road mostly done as well as main clearing). The skidder can't make traction to rip things out or tow long log. But it excels at moving in fill on the same path.

I'm not as worried as most when it comes to parts down the road. I'm a decent wrench, and I take good care of most of my crap. I ENSURE I don't abuse any mechanical device, ever. (Probably why I have so much stuff.)

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