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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by landscaper9929, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Guys if you have an existing system that for one reason or another isn't adequate at what point do you just start from scratch and suggest to the client installing a new system? I mean there is no way to locate all the laterals, sure you can find the main anywhere there is a valve and a lateral where the heads are, but at some point it just seems easier to start over. Last year I did one that was a builder install. All good stuff, rb sprays and rb 5000 plus rotors on swing joints. They just cut obvious corners to save on zones. The worst part though was they ran a spray zone that started along the lower driveway then along the foundation in the back and ended at the upper drive watering a strip along a sidewalk. I split them up but never cut off the ones by the upper sidewalk. I will be doing that soon, and connecting them into a zone across the drive watering the rest of the strip along the sidewalk, but it's a crap shoot in regards to where the lateral t's in. I remember last year that I felt like I had it figured out but it was late fall and I had had enough lol and decided to do it till this year, now I have forgotten what I thought I had figured out. Guess I should have done it then lol. Anyway I'm looking at similar situation and just wanted your thoughts on when to through in the towel and just start over.
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    it's an individual situation. if the rehab will be a major hassle, or would constitute a large part of the existing system, if it would be a bandaid, if it's really old and maybe the quality of the pipe has deteriorated, etc., are all reasons i would recommend all new. Plus the way our pricing structure works, a sizable rehab versus all new are sometimes pretty close.

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    Yeah kind of what I was thinking. I mean just as no one knows where the laterals are, every situation is different. The thing is making the decision to rehab or start over has to be made up front. But once you have done the estimate and it's $500 less than a new system, well I guess you know what to do then. lol
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    When a rehab is possibly going to cost 1/2 as much as a new system , I explain to the customer that what we are doing is a repair and comes with a 30 day warranty , and the cost is time and materials . I then give them a firm price for a complete system with a 2 year warranty and leave it up to them .
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    A rehab never works. :hammerhead:

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