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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by J & B Lawncare, Nov 12, 2006.

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    I am probly posting this in the wrong forum, but maybe someone can guide me here. I am looking at a job that includes fixing the shore line of a farm pond. Over the years rain has eroded the shore line at spots. This year the rains did the worst damage and washed quite a bit of shore into the pond. Where there was a shore about 12 and a half feet above the water level sections are washed into the pond and it is a long slope that you can now walk out into the water maybe 6 feet. We need to restore these area. Has anyone ever tackled this type of problem. I was thinking about bringing the washed in soil on shore with a back hoe. Once the soil is out, how about building a retaining wall with straight lengths of tree trunks. I also considered using stone (around 3 A mod) inside wire fence cages. Other than that I have no ideas. Have you ever handled this type of repair or know of anyone who has.


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    since you are in PA you are probably already regulated to the no need to worry about further the soil service in your area

    they can answer any and all questions...since this is on a farm they can probably help with design and perhaps even cost sharing...if the water leaves the property they can definately help

    they will require it to be built EXACTLY to their specs if they cost share...this can add delay....but with the farmer getting helped on cost this leaves money to compensate you for extra time to meet inspections ect.

    the soil service ALL DAY deals with erosion, farm ponds ect......that is what they them they will be glad to help and they do it ALL THE TIMe so they have valuable insite :)
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