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Hey guys i ran across these items found in the nc pesticide laws and reg book. ithought i might pass them along. i hope this might help

The applicators license my revoked or denied for any of these reasons
1. makes false claims for his services
2.makes unlawful pesticide recommendation or applications.
3 operated faulty or unsafe equipment or operates the equipment in a faulty, careless or negligent manner
4. violates rules, regulations, or orders of the board
5.refuses or neglect to keep records or makes false records
6. operates unlicensed equipment
7.usses fraud to obtain a license
8. aids or abets another person to evade licenseing requirements
9. makes false or misleading statements conserning pests ofund on land
10 impersonates inspectors.
11.stores or disposes of pesticides incorrectly
12. applies any pesticide for any purpose inconsistant with the label
13. fails to pay fees etc.

What a list guys talk about them having you by the cods.

record keeping requirments
name of licensed applicator,name of person and address where the pesticide was applied, identification of farm or site where it was applied, name of crop, commodity, or object which was treated, approx number of acres, date pesticedes was applied, brand name of pesticide and epa registration number, amount of pesticide formulation per unit of measure, name of person appliing pesticides

i dont want to come across as a hall monitor but i thought i would share what i had found with you guys. i hope this helps to keep us all out of some hot water
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