Record response to ad even with the illigals fleeing

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Az Gardener, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Az Gardener

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    I placed my early spring add for some new help. Between Sat afternoon and Mon PM, (little more than 2 days) I have had the same number of responses and resumes that I had in my best 30 day response. That is 470+ views of my add and 76 resumes. I still have 25 days left on my add. :clapping: ( This with the new crackdown on illegals and record numbers of Hispanics both legal and illegal fleeing the state.

    Don't tell me Americans :usflag: wont take these jobs. Less than 10 % of my responses are from Hispanics. It still is a long road to get from resumes to employee but the road begins tomorrow with 7 interviews set up. I just wanted to point out that if you offer a career with wages that the avg. person can live off of you can find help.

    TJLANDS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Just wondering how much you are offering in that area.
    Last year ran an add for central NJ with 35K starting. (9.5 months of work for 35) Snow work would be extra at $35 an hour
    And did not get one american to last more than 2 weeks.
    That job is still open.
  3. Az Gardener

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    The going rate is 8-10 for non foreman. I try and start at 10 but I find that I usually can only get them at that rate for a very short (30 days) probationary period. Most I have to start at 12 and what I perceive to be the better applicants seem to be in the 15 and up range. My scale goes like this Gnomes (labor) 10-13 Apprentice Gardeners (leadmen) 14-16 Gardeners (foreman) 16-20

    I also offer health insurance, 4 day work week, year around work. I include lunches and I have paid vacations after a year. I also offer ownership if you build up and run your own route for a some time, that has not happened yet but I look foreword to it.
  4. blind04

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    i am very very glad to hear about your success trying to hire american work instead of going after illigals. i wont get into my ideals of why we dont want illigals in this country. i have found the most success in hireing younger (highschool aged) employee's. most i have hired do a very good job and are very happy to have the job at 8-10 an hour.
  5. Az Gardener

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    Where is north east ind? I grew up near Marion, Oak Hill class of 80
  6. blind04

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    i am about 30 miles north of fort wayne.
  7. MMEC

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    from East
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    Do you mind posting your ad that received such a good response?
  8. Az Gardener

    Az Gardener LawnSite Gold Member
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    This is it, over 600 hits and 90 resumes in less than a week. I have run the same add about 5 times in the last 18 months. I did just add the paragraph about the elephant.

    The best response I have prior to this was 478 hits and 78 resumes in 28 days. I think the building slowdown is the cause. Just an example I have a very good applicant that was a management guy at a playground equipment company. He said many of the builders they do work for have not only stopped building new stuff they have stopped paying for work that was complete. So besides the tradesmen out of work there is a bigger trickle down effect.

    Gardener, Entry Level and apprentice gardener positions available, will train. Neil, Michael, Chris, and the rest of the guys all tell me they need some help and new clients keep calling. HELP! We need to expand. So come and join our team! Position duties include weekly landscape maintenance, trimming, mowing, cleaning leaves/debris, watering pots, planting seasonal flowers, minor irrigation repairs etc. Advancement readily available. Not your typical "blow and go" landscape maintenance, we perform detail work for all size homes from large estate homes where we have 3 men crews to small patio homes where we provide a single gardener. Our team is friendly, and knowledgeable with a professional appearance.

    Lets briefly discuss the elephant in the room. We have used legal American citizens for our service for years. This is not a panic hiring to cover for employees that have fled to safer parts. This hiring is to accommodate controlled growth that we have planned for. You will not come into a sinking boat situation with lots of turmoil. You will find a very organized operation that has been building a solid foundation for growth for the past 6 years.

    We are offering a career with ownership opportunities not just a job. Great working environment, Weekly pay, Lunches provided, 4-day work week, Tues.-Fri. No weekends, Professional training and education, Clear path to ownership if you choose.

    If you have experience as a Landscaper, Landscape maintenance, or as a Gardener, and are looking to go on your own and just need a little help, talk to us about our path to ownership.

    Skills / Requirements * Must pass drug / background screening.
    * Must be able to follow systems in place to perform at optimum efficiency. (Basically, must be able to follow directions.)
    * Must be able to acclimate to working in the heat.
    * Must be able to lift and carry 50 lbs. 30-ft.
    * Experience in this field is a plus but not needed.
    Important Notes Our field office/yard is at approximately 20th Street & Camel back you must get here daily to work.

    You must be able to follow detailed directions.

    Your success will be greatly improved if you enjoy working outdoors and like plants.
  9. southfla

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    I find you "path to owership" very intresting. Can you go into detail about what you require and would you take a percentage of the new route they set up. Sorry I am assuming this would be building a route from your prior post.

    Agan I like the idea of a "light at the end of the tunnel" for these guys/gals willing to put in the effort, but I cannot figure out as a business man what would be in it for you other than loyal employees that know the route etc....

    This by no means is a negative spin on your idea, but more of an info gathering for me to see if this would work here.

    THanks in advance
  10. Dunn's

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    Yeah we had the same effect we put an add out three days ago, for hiring laborer/groundsman and have had 25 applications/resumes. in just those three days. Some are just applying because of the money, but that is ok, they still have to pass the drug screening, which will probably get rid off 15-20 off them right off the bat.

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