Recording Phone Calls/Service Agreements

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by esurient_one, Dec 21, 2006.

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    Have any of you guys went as far as recording new service agreements with your customers over the phone, mainly for your expanded services? Im just starting out here and was wondering if it would be worth the time....figured it might save me some burns.
  2. Runner

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    If you do it, you best make sure that you inform the potential customer that they (are) or may be being recorded. This has to be done at the BEGINNING of the call. Otherwise, it is illegal here in Michigan - (there are only a few states that it IS legal in). tru-brown does this, and does this illegally. They were doing this so they could go back and review the calls because of all the people that would tell them they didn't want the application(s). The thing is, in a large quantity of the cases, the people never DID agree to a program They were just bullied into it and/or the sales person just signed them up and assumed they would take it sitting down. This has been part of their tactics for several years.
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    What runner said
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    Mega Lawn Co does...

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