Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by awm, Apr 13, 2001.

  1. awm

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    this year im doing somethin different.
    im putting all buisiness expences on one credit card
    the paying it at the end of the month.
    i still save reciepts but this supplies another record for tax purposes.nothin i hate worse than trying to keep all that strait.
  2. Fantasy Lawns

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    that's the way we've been doing it ...on Amex ....get a nice monthly charge report ....and then end of year report ...easy to keep all the purchases in order ....those that don't take it than it's a check ...but most larger dealers, gas stations etc ...use it
  3. Daily I put any and all receipes in a box for totaling later. Then I put all monthly receips in a envalope at the end of each month.

    Also they all get entered into QB pro
  4. AL Inc

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    awm- I do almost everything on credit, including plant material, etc on account. Just pay the bill in full when I get it. Definitely makes life easier. My bookkeeper just needs my check stubs to know what I spent on what. Mike

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