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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grass-scapes, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. PNW Landscaper

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    I put a sign out on the entry way in Spanish... hire a 1-2 more than I need and generally 70% work only 1 day.
  2. grass-scapes

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    Interviewed and hired a guy over the weekend. Scheduled to start this morning at 7 am.

    NO SHOW. Tried calling him....No return call.

    He sure acted like he wanted the job too. Paid him what he asked for.

  3. upkeeplawnscape

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    I wonder why noone would be interested in hiring felons. Most of the time when these guys get out of jail, they need employment to keep themselves out of trouble and I've found that they appreciate the opportunity more than anyone else. They work hard. Obviously I wouldnt hire them with certain charges, but what real reason do you have for saying no felonies and then bitching about not being able to get anyone?
  4. upkeeplawnscape

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    Apparently we cant touch that subject
  5. grass-scapes

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    Because I find that most of the time, the felonies involve breaking and entering, common law robbery, robbery with a dangerous weapon, Larceny, and things like that.

    Do you think your customers won't find out? Maybe not, but what if they do? Do YOU want a person who has a history of breaking and entering on your property when no one is usually home? I also maintain banks. It states clearly in my contract with them that I have to perform a background check and I also have to submit a list of all employees who work onsite and they are allowed to run a background check as well.

    So, if they run a check and say you can't allow so and so on our property to work, what do I do with that employee?

    What about the guy I hired who turned out had robbed a convenience store with a gun? Should I give him another chance. He was gone too, as soon as the background check came back. How about the last one (in my original post). He broke into a house, stole things, robbed someone, busted for manufacture of drugs.

    Im pretty sure I wouldn't want them on MY property, let alone my customers....
  6. JCLawn and more

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    One of my best friends was greenvilles SC most wanted man with 19 felonies. I did not know him then, but the court showed him grace and got put through a program, found God, and you would never know that ever happened unless he told you. He is going to be a missionary actually. I know what you mean, but there are a lot of exceptions. I know quite a few, but that does not mean our customers have the same opinion.
  7. upkeeplawnscape

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    I have only had one customer ask and I simply stated that I believe in giving people a second chance. I have only employed people with what I call "light" felonies. I have a guy that has been with me for two years that has 22 driving on suspended licenses and most are felonies. He appreciates the job still to this day and we have gotten his license back because he has this job.
    I understand the robberies, burglaries, rapes, murders and whatnot cant be hired, but because someone got caught with an illegal substance years ago or drove without having the money to pay their tickets? Ive been given second chances before and will gladly return the favor when I think its a good fit. Just my opinion and not always for everyone.
  8. grass-scapes

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    LOL....Now the guy (with the felonies) called me today and said his lawyer told him it was discrimination and I could be sued.

    I laughed at him and told him he should hire a better attorney.
    I rattled off what I COULD be sued for discrimination for and told him that hiring a convicted felon wasn't on that list.
  9. PROCUT1

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    I am having one hell of a time getting workers for sealcoating. I had the same exact thing happen today. 2 people who sounded great in the interviews, both no show no call today for the first day.

    Its unbelievable with unemployment as high as it is, how hard it is to find workers. Its dam near impossible. I pay more than landscape company foremans make to start. Offer a future. Require little and I get crap.

    Nobody follows the directions in the ad
    Most that do reply dont return my initial phone call to them
    And out of the couple that I interview, I HAVE NOT HAD ONE SHOW UP FOR WORK YET

    MEXICANS ARE TAKING OUR JOBS....................BULL EFFFING ......SH!!!!!T

    The only reason im trying to hire american right now again is there is a shortage of mexicans in my area. My whole crew is mexican but Im trying to hire a foreman-in-training to eventually take over operations so I can be free to sell.

    I am so freaking done with these lazy POS American babies its not even funny.

    Cant return a phone call?
    Cant show up for an interview?

    How do these people make it through life?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I have the biggest sealcoating job of my life starting in 2 weeks. I need to hire and train 8 people plus a manager. And Im dealing with this crap.

    Well starting tomorrow. Sorry landscapers. But I have my eyes on some of your really good drivers/crew leaders. Mexican. And Im going looking for them.

    Ill hire laborers from a dam nursing home before Ill deal with this crap anymore.
  10. grass-scapes

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    Oh, this isn't the first time that happened to me. I probably go through 30 to 40 new hires a year. Some don't show, some work a day (or less). I don't really see how people survive.

    I actually had one complain and said I was working him like a mexican. I said, no.....Im working you like a landscaper...Now get to work.

    Most of the guys ive hired are less than half my age, and I can and DO run circles around them all day long.

    I agree with the resounding BULL about hispanics taking american jobs......Young lazy americans are GIVING the jobs to them due to their desire to do anything but be on the phone or playing Xbox.

    Its actually pretty scary....That generation will be in control of the country eventually. You think the state of affairs is sorry now? HA

    The government does it. Not working? Here...Have some money.
    NO education and a low wage job as a result? Have some money and free food. Too sorry to work? Here...have some more money. Just don't forget to vote for us when the election comes so we can give you more money.

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