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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ADM Services, Jan 12, 2000.

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    Anyone have any bright ideas on this subject? Right now we are in the process of posting ads at the local supply yards and mower shops. Incorporating an &quot;employment oppertunities&quot; page on or web site that we hope to have up and running in the next two weeks. Thinking about putting an ad in the local observer, but everyone I mentioned it too said, &quot;too much money,&quot; &quot;dosn't work,&quot; etc... So, we put that on the back burner.<br>What do you think???<p>Andy<br>ADM
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    From what I hear, word of mouth is the best. Ads in the paper usually only seem to bring people that want all pay and no work.<p>Spread the word that you need help. I'll bet that you know 200 people that you could tell, and then each of those people know 200 people, and so on and so on. <p>Good help is hard to find.
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    Last spring (march)I ran a ad in the local paper for labors and foreman I got 75 calls on the ad. Later in (May) a freind ran a ad he got 30 calls. Around here the local paper works just fine. From what I have found is you need to ran the ads early and keep them in for a couple weeks. Most of the big companys will start ranning ads in about 2 weeks from now. For foreman and labores. Manager poistion they try to fill Jan. or in early Feb. If you wait to long all the good help is gone. We ran a ad in Late Sept. last year got 8 calls from it all dead beats that got let go from other companies. We also put ads up in local resturants. Most of are help is mexicains so we put ads in local food market and local mex. rest. that has work well to. One year when I had 6 guys all walk out the same day I went to the owner of a mex. rest. gave him $ 200 if he got me 5 guys in the next 2 days he did and out of those 5 I still have 4. I dont hire faimly members any more since when I fired one and the rest all left with that one. Kind of make for a bad day.
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    A good solution to labor recruitment is the H2B program. It is an INS approved program that allows you to hire Mexican nationals legally. More and more businesses are going to this type of labor because it provides inexpensive labor, cutting business costs. If you want more information on this please contact me at:<p><br>WorkForce International<br><br>(713)923-5564 (Business)<br>(713)923-5517 (Fax)<p>

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    I have found that the papers that are free get more phone calls. College students looking for summer jobs work great for me.
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    Before I go any further, I would like to address an H2B related issue that has weighed heavily on my mind--providing housing, or not providing housing for H2B workers.<br>INS regulation do not in any way, shape or form require employers to provide housing for their H2B workers. Nevertheless, at some point its not just about profits, or what we are legally bound to do. It is about what is right. I appeal to you that you give this question some thought. This may dissuade some of you from using the H2B program, but at the risk of losing customers I feel it is right that I make mention of this.<p><br>WorkForce International<br><br>(713)923-5564 (Business)<br>(713)923-5517 (Fax)<br>

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