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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by weesa20, Apr 24, 2013.

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    So i need a trailer that is less than 7 feet wide overall (have a small shop door at the back that I need to be able to get through). Looking at 5x14 landscape. Had a custom trailer builder tell me today that if a trailer has more than one axle then all axles need to have brakes...hadn't heard this before. So I thought, well maybe just one heavy (5k) axle with brakes then and he didn't like that because 14' is kinda long for a single axle.

    I need to have brakes because I will use it for more than just landscape stuff and my personal tow rig maxes out at 1500lbs without brakes on trailer and 7800 with brakes on trailer.

    Thoughts? Big tex makes a 5x14 (45LA) that is pretty nice...brakes on only one axle though.
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    i think your custom builder is full of crap. never heard that before either
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    Last year I purchased a belmar 6.5 by 14 landscape trailer single axel. Great investment and you don't need brakes good price too
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    I would want brakes on both axles. It don't cost much more and it's 100x safer.
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