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  1. vipermanz

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    does anybody have an idea of what a company that buys scrap metal would pay?
  2. ohiolawnguy

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    depends on the type of material involved. nickel, aluminum, magnesium alloy, copper-you get the idea. there are numerous metal recycler/scrapyards here in akron.

    you can either look in your yellow pages under scrap, or recycling. another way to check out going rates is the business secton of the newspaper. it will occasionally list the going prices of various metals, just to give you an idea of what each might be worth.

    we have a customer who is a metal, and plastics recycler. he buys in bulk, grinds it up and mixes it to suit each compnies desired needs. he buys directly from the scrapyards.

    so, there is a market to get rid of scrap metal, but it just depends as to whether it is worth your time or not.
  3. plow kid

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    Well on my last trip to Omni~Source I got $149.01, I'll break it down for ya

    1400 lbs of Clean auto cast (CAC [ ROTORS]) @ $110 a ton = $77.00
    1150 lbs of P & G (Sheet & Pipes) @ $34 a ton =$19.65

    and 154 lbs of cans (get them from my buddies place, 4 ~ 21 yr old guys 1 house and what do they do, party! = Beer cans!) 154 lbs@ $0.34 a POUND = $52.36
    Equals $149.01 for the load and 2 hours of time. ~NaTe
  4. vipermanz

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    i only had 220 lbs. of general scrap at $2.50 per 100lbs, which works out to $50 a ton

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