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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Both mowers did well today considering how moist the grass was. I have enclosed some side by side pictures that probably don't do justice to seeing it first hand. Both mowed without leaving any stringers. The Hustler was just slightly more ragged. Not sure if the picture will show any difference. I adjusted the height to match. The difference is very subtle today except on dips and uneven ground. Grass has alot of moisture and was taller than usual.





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    I cant tell the difference, but maybe a larger high-rez pic would show it better.

    What was the cut height? And at what speed were you mowing?

    What settings on the XR-7?
  3. tacoma200

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    The differnce is very subtle as I said. I had the Super Z set on 3" and the Lazer set on 3.25. I know the Super Z is off on the inch setting so it was probably mowing at 2.75 or 3. Actually that was the point. If you were there in person and walked over the property you would see a few blades of grass sticking up where the Super Z had cut, and in dips or uneven ground the Super would miss some. It mows this property fairly good just slightly rougher than the Exmark. I mowed it with the Super then went back over it with the Exmark when the clippings had dried because the Exmark blows them alot better. Thats kinda what I'm saying to Hustler, in most conditions all I need is just a little more lift to catch some of the uneven grass. I though notched high lifts might do it but someone allready tried that, I was thinking it was you. This Mower just need a little refinement. All grass is lush and the clippings are nasty right now. Too much rain after the drought. When I raise the decks to 3.5 to 3.75 the differnce is more apparent.Here is the picture I've posted before of half the lawn mowed with the Lazer and half with the Super Z. From a distance they both look pretty good, if walk up to it or rake through it you will find some longer blades of grass on the Huslter side. I should have taken some pictures where it layed some down without cutting it but I lost enough time today fooling around with this. Bottom line on most lawns the Super Z cut is acceptable just needs some refining. The owner of this lot request I use the Lazer because his guest brag on the smoothness of cut. After a year mowing with the Exmark it is easy to spot blades of grass here and there the Huster missed or layed down. From a distance the Huster cut looks better in this picture. Huster is on the right. Speed was slow today, very thick, maybe 6 mph. This picture is not from today it was probably mowed at 8-9 mph. Wish I could mow strait. Lots of bumps from being mowed up and down hill for years and lines put in.

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    Here is an embarassing picture of the Super z on the weedy lawn I was doing the other day. This is the worst I've ever seen the Super do. Yes this is where the lawn had grown so much during the rain and was still damp. No matter how many times I went over it there were still small clumps because the Super doesn't have enough air flow to disperse them. This was set at 3.25 also. Two differnt lawns two differnt results. This may be the crabgrass you were speaking of enen though the owner plowed this and planted fescue here in back this year. The Lazer would have made a mess here also but it would not have missed the grass and I would have been able to disperse the clippings (on the second pass) because it blows and scatters them so far.

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    Yeah, my Ultra-Cut deck would clog and spit in the crabgrass, but never to the point of almost stalling (can easily get my SuperZ to stall going slightly uphil in DEEP wet crabgrass). Those L baffles just keep a LOT of grass suspended up in there.
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    how do you keep your mowers so clean?
  7. ALarsh

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    Don't you have work to do?
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    One is new so its pretty clean, the Lazer got a wax job and detail by me last month. Now grass blows off of it fairly easy. I only mow 15+ lawns. I work at a factory every other night (5 days one week 2 the next). I just mow to support my kids plus I enjoy it.
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    With no rain up here, mine are simply dusty. One quick blow with the blower, and it's pretty clean.
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    The more pics you put on here the more I dont want no hustler:laugh: :laugh:. Seriously though I can see a diff in the cut X mark is much cleaner cut.

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