Red brick and bubbled mortar joints.

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by GreenLight, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Currently coming into a project on a fairly large residence. The house is a weathered red brick, which already gobbles up light a bit to begin with, but the real issue has been the mortar joints. It has large unfinished bubbled mortar joints (done intentionally), when uplighting from 8-10 inches off the architecture it literally creates a shadowing effect at every brick course (similar to the way siding lips ripple out the light). It really has two negative effects, one the shadowing really dims the light down and gives you very little effect until it reaches the eaves. Secondly it just looks odd as the light has much greater impact on the white joints which virtually cause a blocking of the brick.

    The only remedy to this seems to be moving the lights back off the foundation about 30-36 inches and spotlighting at about a 70 degree angle as opposed to being up close and grazing at 90 degrees. I hate pulling the lights out into the foundation bed as the plants will eventually dominate them, but the customer seems highly pleased with this effect. Anyone ever encountered this issue?
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    Yes, happens quite a lot on stone buildings. For the most part the textured, shadowed effect is desirable and dramatic when not over-done with too many fixtures or too bright lamps.

    If you must place your fixtures out into the garden beds then use telescopic stems that allow you to adjust the height of the fixture to just above the foliage.

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