Red Clay


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Southern Ohio
Does anyone know, which grasses grow the best in red clay? I have a yard in Southern Ohio that has alot of red clay and I am in need of a good grass seed.


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rebel tall fescue supreme aerate seed starter and lime magic potion for clay
if you realy want results with clay put some dry play sand in your spreader and let it fly. it fill up the aeration holes and helps keep the clay from compacting too fast


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Georgia Z7
You might be on the fringe of the climate zone for Bermuda. In any event, it is too late in the season to establish Bermuda from seed in your area.

Sometimes your choices are limited to when the project takes place, so I would think either Tall Fescue or Bluegrass would be in order. Mixing the two has become a common practice as well.


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I don't believe you can use Bermuda in southern Ohio. I grew up there, and never saw a Bermuda lawn in the 26 years I lived in that area. Maybe thay have some new variety that will survive up there, but I don't think so. I would go with some type of Fescue or Bluegrass.