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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Smithlawns86, Dec 6, 2018.

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    today getting my saws sharp and ready for ice storm damage this weekend and doing some test cuts to make sure my saws were cutting well. While using my MS250 which was screaming really well my hand near the brake was getting warm. As I looked at the front of my saw the muffler was glowing bright red and it looks like the plastics near the Oiler were starting to melt. This was only after a few minutes of test cuts. I never remember this saw ever doing that before. Any ideas as to what’s causing it? History of the saw is I’m the second owner. First owner ran straight gas through it I’m guessing and trashed the cylinder and piston. They replaced the carburetor Not knowing what was wrong so I got it basically free. I replaced the cylinder and piston and have been using it the last 4 years and it’s run great however I did have to replace one of the muffler studs 6 months ago.
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    The muffler could be restricted or the fuel mixture is off.
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    Leaning more towards fuel now that I think about it.. the saw was screaming pretty good and It was performing really well. No signs of restriction and I had cleaned the spark arrestor a few months ago when I replaced the muffler stud and there wasn’t any signs of oil clogging the spark arrestor at that time. You think it may be running too lean? I’m pretty meticulous about mixing my 2 cycle fuel
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    Yes it sounds like it may be running lean. Make sure carb is on tight and is not sucking in more air causing it to run lean.
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    Check carb mounting as was suggested. If ok, adjust carb. Here is the service manual for your saw. Read how to adjust mixture starting on 11.2.3

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