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red max string trimmer BCZ2601


LawnSite Member
Dutchess, NY
Any opinions good or bad are welcome...obviously would love to hear about reliability as well as best price paid..also let me know if you prefer another model...thanks guys


LawnSite Member
Love my Red Max Trimmer. I have some Stihl equipment as well. I like the Red Max trimmers a little better.


LawnSite Silver Member
Garner, NC
I recently added a 2601 trimmer and the stick edger with the same engine (not sure what the edger model number is). Both are fine units, but I have to admit. I have a 26cc Kawasaki stick edger I purchased from Lesco last year and it probably has 30% more power than the similar sized RedMax. :)

J&R Landscaping

LawnSite Fanatic
Bensalem, PA
The 2600 or 2601 are good powerful units. I don't like them because when I tried one out last season, the machine just vibrated way way to much.